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This Week’s Top Stories About drewvalentina

I’ve been a fan of drewvalentina since I was a kid. I have been watching her videos on Youtube for years now and I’m always excited to use her techniques to create my own style of art. Her art is very fluid and yet still keeps with the idea of a hand drawn quality.

She is one of the most talented artist’s Ive come across in my life. The fact that she has a video stream of herself in a pool of water, using her feet as a palette has inspired me to try this myself.

The pool of water is a really nice way to try to immerse yourself into a scene from the video. There are a few other things that are nice to incorporate into your own video art: a nice background, some light effects (like fireflies or rain falling), and a stylized watercolor or painting to set the water. I really enjoy doing these kind of backgrounds.

One of the things that makes this such a fun video art task is that it’s not really about drawing, it’s a kind of interactive drawing. Your hands are free to move around your work while you draw. In this case I have drawn my characters in a flowing watercolor while my hand is making a line in the water.

I’ve been thinking of starting a YouTube channel where I’d do similar things. I like to do videos where I’m drawing or painting in a video game or on a computer. For me it’s not about the camera or editing, it’s just about drawing and painting the same thing with my hand. I think I’d probably draw a lot of my characters in flowing watercolor while I draw them because that’s what they’re like in my mind.

So you can see there are a lot of similarities between drawing in a video game and drawing in real life, so this is definitely a good place to start.

I am a huge fan of drawing in real life. When I was in first grade I drew a picture of my favorite superhero, Batman. I also drew a picture of the Joker, just because he was a favorite of mine. I would draw a picture of a guy in one of my favorite anime characters. And to be honest I think this is an ideal place to start. As a kid, Im drawn to drawing.

Although the goal of drawing in a video game seems to be to convey the same message as drawing in real life, drawing in real life isn’t always about drawing a good likeness of something. For many of us, drawing is more about getting an artistic “aha moment” like when you come across the face you think you just saw in a game or movie.

Im a huge fan of anime, and drawing a character like this is about capturing the essence of a character. But drawing in a game is more about capturing an artist. The more you put into a character, the more you lose yourself. It can be difficult to keep drawing a good likeness while your mind is constantly looking for the perfect facial expression. Im glad I was able to come up with this illustration because it reminds me of what a lot of my friends are like.

Artist Valentina is a Japanese illustrator who has become a household name in the last few years thanks to her work on the video games Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and The Last Guardian. She has also done the art for a few games like Dragon Quest, Soul Eater, and Injustice.

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